Bloom & Grow Hong Kong Brand Event 2018
Graphical display design
Project Description


This year, Bloom and Grow would like to re- organise periodic new brand summit in their office. Budget friendly is our the big concern as the venue is in their own office. Beside, lacking space is big challenge as 15 brands with new product will be displayed within 750 sq feet area.

A cohesive brand environment

Bigger Picture , Brand logo and Geometric Pop up board are essential to create a a branded environment; from your invitations to décor to handout and signage – should be put together to build a cohesive experience for your attendees. Host a memorable event by creating an atmosphere that stands out from what guests are used to seeing in their day-to-day lives.

Here are some budget–friendly ideas we used.

Entrance area

Immersive photo backdrop

Our orange and yellow bubble brings a playful, young flair to visitors photo sessions. Participants able to either instantly take or share the pictures.

Giving keepsake of mommy bag full of different new products and catalgoue.

We put small food stall include snacks, cake ,coffee in the front desk , attendee can interactive with each.


Piccolo Try me

Piccolo is our new food brand promoted in Hong Kong. A enlarge Pouch become an iconic attraction. A rainbow- like shape décor line up with different taste

We visualised the Skiphop shelfs with square graphic board and some with die cut shape to create a kid-friendly astomsphere.


Skip hop- style and fashion are in the bag

We fill up the pigeon hole by making the square size lifestyle photo and brand sologan.

Skip hopZoo Crew . We simply make a 1:1 kids size bcakdrop to visualise the new character of Zoo animals

Skip Hop – good clean fun

The wave shape and bubble bring a fun flair while present with the bath toy


Gold rose flamingo look fab with the Pop up tropical elements décor.


The easy of use stroller is their key selling product Ergobaby Metro stroller. More space need to be remained for further demo.


There are too many products need to be placed on the shevles. So we can only add a big poster on the right.

The hanging baby bib , shoes and Muslim at wall a sweet and fun tone for the brand.


The collection brings a beautiful, feminine flair to fashion mama.

Bubble & Theraline

A pop up added the iconic attention for the new product display


Custom display box with backdrop made the product presentation look professional and decent


Again Big backdrop speak itself of the product.

Hence we turn a traditional corporate meeting into a powerful opportunity to engage the media, partners, employees, clients or KOL . We design an exceptional experience for the audience.

Learn more about Brand: Piccolo, Skiphop, Trunki,Ergobaby, Nuby, Tula, Benbat, Shnuggle, Bravado

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