Great Treasure Group complete redesign for modern luxe look
Luxe appliance site design for Hong Kong residential
Project Description


Company Group History and Development

Great Treasure Group of Companies was set up in Hong Kong in May 1992. From this time onwards, Great Treasure Group main business continued as an international trading company for various home electrical appliances products.

Regions are mainly Hong Kong, Macau and China mainland primary/ secondary markets full range built-in and free standing product type of cooking hobs, range hoods, refrigerators, washing/drying machines, ovens, microwave ovens, dishwashers, coffee machines, steamers, wine cellars, dehumidifiers, water heaters, kitchen sinks, mixers, dish sterilizers, kitchen LCD TVs and water resistant TVs.

Design Solution

GT group would like to revamp the site design for the showcase of its portfolio for residential clients. Before the revamp of the website. They do not have any good design website for its company profile and its luxury product display for online platform. The style of the previous one are mostly text orientated with black background.

How we design

We understand the client they cannot  accept the avant-garde design of the current web development. We just simply use colour contrast as a main theme for the design layout.

Using the black and white tone to create the cool effect for showing the luxury design of the kitchen appliance , sinks and bathroom products.

We create the thumbnail image for the showcase of residential/ hotel project with roll over image effect. This add on effect made the showcase more interesting. We also add blog to show the recipe to engage more customer and drive traffic to our site,

The total look of the site look elegant, simple yet appealing.

Learn about the brand: GT group

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